"Veerbhogya Vasundhara"
                Valor which is the most striking feature of a soldier’s personality is in reality a combination of four sterling qualities in a person - Discipline, Dedication, Devotion and Determination. That is why the armed forces of all nations lay emphasis on the inculcation of these qualities among their soldiers. This gives soldiers rectitude and strength of character to face adverse conditions, natural or man-made. Determination to brave war is the highest form of patriotism that helps soldiers withstand extreme adversities whether at the national borders or elsewhere, on the mountain tops or plains, below zero degree temperature or in the scorching heat. With the war cry “Victory to the Brave” they seek to destroy the enemy at any cost and do not hesitate to lay down their lives. Men and women in the prime of their youth, sparkling with radiance of energy and with a twinkle in their eye for a brighter future, give us lessons in - How to Live rather than How to Live Long. Therefore one feels like referring to the “Veerbhogya Vasundhara”, that is, the earth belongs only to the brave.
                A few words about Kargil War of 1999. Slippery steepness of mountains at a height of 80 degrees, snow capped peaks at the altitude of 18,000 feet, temperatures dropping 30 degree below zero, thinning of air, particularly oxygen insufficient to survive for human beings, heavy haversacks each weighing 20 Kgs of arms and ammunition. Non-stop fires of bullets and missiles from the enemy camp. In such adverse conditions the words of our brave soldiers were “ruin the enemies, don't leave them”. We should have nothing but reverence for them. We must salute them for their supreme sacrifice.
               What can we do for our Armed forces? Can we really do anything for at all? Can we assure them that when they are miles away from their families and homes we will take care of their beloved ones? It is not that they need our help, but it is our duty towards them. Because when we sit cozy and comfortable in our homes, there are these foot soldiers standing at the border like the rock of Gibraltar, fighting to protect our country’s sovereignty.
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